Latest Miss You Sms

Latest Miss You Sms

-----( "-" )-----
-----(#) (#)-----
-----( "-" )-----
(#)This Much(#)
-----(#) (#)-----

Try this ,
go to write msg,
ACTIVATE Dictionary [ T9 ],
then hide your screen with 1 hand
& Type 4164771968,
now remove ur hand & read it…..
then SMS me.

In school they taught me that:
1 hour = 60 min.
1 min= 60sec.
but they never told me that:
1 sec.
without U = 100 years. Miss U

In the Flower, My Rose iz yoU.
In the Diamond, My Kohinoor is yoU.
In the Sky, My Moon iz U.
I’m only Body, My Heart iz U.
That’s why I always Miss u!!

Gud Morning
i mean Gud Evening
i mean Gud Night hmmm..
i think..time is not important
i Just want to Say tht i miss u.
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