Nice Day sms

Nice Day sms

These r the wonderful pairs in this world:
Heart n Beats; Night n Moon; Birds n Songs;
Roses and Love; You n Your smile.
So keep smiling and have a good day

Troubles r like washing machine,
They twist, turn & knock us around,
but in the end we come out brighter than before…
Have a nice day!

If ur eyes r sweet
If ur eyes r sweet u
would like all the people of
the world.
But if you tongue is sweet
all the people of the world
will like u..

May u rise each texting day with fully charged phone in ur hand,
inspiring msg in ur mind, me in ur heart,& a clear signal all day long.
Have a good day!

I have no yesterdays,
Time took them away,
Tomorrow may not be mine,
But I have Today
So wish you my friend a very good day…

There r 2 eternities
There are 2 eternities that can really break u down, Yesterday & Tomorrow.1 is gone & other doesnt exist! So live 2day only.
Have a nice day...

Every king was once a helpless baby
& every great structure once a blueprint...
It’s not where r u today, but where u’ll reach that counts.
Gud Day!
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