Marwari SMS

Marwadi sms

Marwadi on his death bed.
My wife, where r u ?
Wife:Yes, I'm here
My sons daughters, r u all here?
Yes, Papa
Marwadi:To phir barabar wale kamre ka pankha Q chal raha hay ???

Marwadi: Kela Kaisa Diya?
S.K: 1 Rs.
Marwadi: 60 Paisa ka deta hai?
S.K: 60 paise mein to sirf chilka milega.
Marwadi:Ley 40 paisay, chilka rakh aur kela day de

Jab BAGA me BAHAR awegi,tab hmare SMS ki BARSAT awegi,tanhaiya to
thari dur ho jawegi par hmaro BIL bhrawa kai thari sasu awegi.

A girl had devised a device to cause any car that passed in front of her house
 to suddenly break down but couldn't find any practical way to profit from it.
So, thinking clearly, she set up the device, and as the cars passed the house
and broke down, she'd offer the man in the car a place to stay for the night.
Then as soon as the man was asleep, he'd be jarred awake by her with his penis
in her mouth, and she'd hold a sign up saying "Rs 5,000 or I'll bite hard!".
Of course usually the guy would pay and she'd let him go.
Well one day a Marwari broke down, and had to stay the night.
 Sure enough, he felt something between his legs at night,
and there she is with him in her mouth and holding the sign "Rs 5,000 or I'll bite."
The Marwari just smiled and said "Rs 10,000 or I'll piss!"

how did u keep 10 marwari in maruti 800
just throw 100 rupee note inside
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