Why Eyes is most beautiful part of a girls?

she says i dontt. love u ..! her eyes say I m crazy for u..!

she sayz i m happy vdout u..! her eyes say i m no whr without u..!

she say all her frnds r like me ..! her eys say but you stand unique among them..!

she sayz she has many to take care of her ..! her eys say no 1 care as u do

she say to hold some1 els hand ..! her eys sayz never leve me ..!

she sayz dont hold me..! her eys sayz let me just hold u ..!

she sayz you r just a good frnd,...! her eys sayz i cant see u to be any1's boyfrnds..!

she say go away ..! her eys says till i fill your heartbeat.!

she says dont kiss me..! her eys says dont follow my words..!

she sayz wait for now..! her eys says let fall in for each other..!

she sayz..i m confused ..! her eys sayz i just love you..!

thats why eyes r the most beautiful part of a girls....!
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