Facts about Boys

Boys Facts
=>>When a Boy Calls You: he Wants to be With You
=>>When a Boy Quite: he is Listening to You
=>>When a Boy is Not Arguing: he Realizes he's Wrong
=>>When a Boy Says "I'm Fine": After a Few Minutes he Means it
=>>When a Boy Stares at You: he Wishes You Would Care About Him n Wonders if You do
=>>When Your Laying Your Head on a Boy's Chest: he Has The World
=>>When a Boy Calls You Everyday: he is in Love
=>>When a Boy Tells You he Loves You: he Means it
=>>When a Boy Says he Can't Live Without You: he's With You Till You'RE Done
=>>When a Boy Says he Miss You: he Misses You More Than Yuh Could Miss Him.. !
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