Himmatwala Movie Jokes

'Himmatwala'Special Jokes :

- Breaking News:
US attacks North Korea by dropping
Himmatwala Dvd's.

- In India, 1st April to be renamed
as'Himmatwala Day'.

- Sanjay Dutt decided to go Jail than
watching Himmatwala.

- Lashkar-E-Tayba -owns responsibility of

- Sajid Khan to receive National Award
for'WTF Film'category.

- Rajanikant went to Coma after watching

- Best scene in Himmatwala:
"The Interval".

- Income Tax department to raid audience
who watched Himmatwala.

- Sonia Gandhi decides to go back to Italy
after watching Himmatwala.

- Kajol claimed Divorce after watching

- Ques.: If Sajid Khan; Farah Khan&Sirish
Kunder fall off a tall building, who will
Ans.: INDIAN CINEMA =D :p ;) X_X

Rahul Gandhi to visit the victims of
Himmatwala soon.

- Apocalypse is when you accidentally go
to watch Himmatwala and the'Jumping
Japang'ad is played during the interval !

- Reportedly Rajnikanth went to Coma and
Sir Ravindra Jadeja lost his memory after
watching Himmatwala.

- Virat Kohli has blocked Tamannah after
watching Himmatwala!!

- North Korea is entering in a state of war
against South Korea. I suggest them to
drop DVD's of Drona, Tees Maar Khan,
Joker and Himmatwala on each other.
Instant Death!

- Not the actor, but each person coming
out of the hall after watching the movie,
should be called'Himmatwala'!

- Farah Khan challenged Sajid Khan to
make something worse than the IPL ads.
Sajid Khan made Himmatwala.

- Just came across a song from
Himmatwala"maar de bum pe laat". So
what are we all waiting for? Let's head
towards Sajid Khan's house.

- After I saw Himaatwala, i felt like doing
Ajay Devgan's'Apharan'and then pour
some'Gangajaal'on him and finally hand
him over to'Singham'

- If Ajay Devgan continues to act in movies
like Himmatwala, days are not far when
his neighbors'kids will confuse him

- Two minutes of silence for those who
have advanced booked Himmatwala

- Sad Story :
Hum 4 friend Himmatwala dekhne gaye the
aaj par wapas 3 hi aaye :(
Ek Friend Coma me chala gaya movie
dekhte dekhte :'(

- The tiger who acted in Sajid Khan's
Himmatwala ...is now considering leaving
Bollywood and going back to the Zoo..
His career is Ruined....!!

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