13 inspired lines for sucess

1) Intention kitna bhi achha ho
Duniya presentation dekhti hai
Presentation kitana bhi accha ho, Uparwala Intention dekhta hai.

Choice is urs !

2)"Everyone have two Eyes ... But
No one has the same View..."

3) The most important quality of successful people is their willingness to change..

4)"Human beings are very strange.
They have ego of their knowledge
but, they don't have knowledge
of their ego".

5) PARENTS don't expect much from us,
They just expect the loan of LOVE whch we borrowed from them in our childhood to be returned in their old age.

6) People who judge do not matter. People who matter do not judge.

7) Success is the time to redefine our Goals.
Failure is the time to redefine our Methods.

  If people are trying to bring you down..... It only means that you are above them.

9) Alphabet"O"stands for Opportunity which is absent in Yesterday"Available only once in"Today", And thrice in"Tomorrow"

10)"Pain Is Unavoidable but,
Suffering Is Optional"

11) SOLID QUOTE:"Patthar Sirf ek bar Mandir Jaata hai aur Bhagwan Ban Jaata hai.

Hum Roz Mandir Jakar bhi Patthar hi Rehte hain."

12) Only message are not life , but ...... our life should be a message to other !

13 ) Risk is My Life..
Possible is My Hope..
Impossible is My Enemy..
Dangerous is My Game..
Walk with Me..
My name is SUCCESS..

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