BBM Jokes

 BBM Jokes

All new BBM Users,Term 'BC'
means 'Broadcast' && not 'B***C**d'
so dont Panic if someone txt You to BC their.

21st century kids in a museum,looking at a egyptian mummy with 1227BC
written below.1st kid:Wat does tat mean?2 kid Must be his BBM pin

bbm jokes
Waiting 4 ppl to write thr #BBM #pin on back glass of car,on bike,on helmet,In trains,toilets,tree barks,On currency notes,Foreheads.
Boss- pin de
Boss- abee stapler pin mang raha hu bbm pin nahi....
Android waale aise behave kar rahe hai jaise gaav mein naya "TV" aaya hai

BBM is really only good for group chatting with people who don't have iPhones .

Techno, Samsung and iPhone BBM pins start with 7.

my pin jokes
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It feels like highschool again with everybody posting their bbm pins
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