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A beautiful belief: If god answers ur prayer,he's increasing ur faith. If he delays,
he's increasing ur patience. If he doesnt ans,he knws u cn handle it....

Wenevr u Lie Or Cheat d Person Who Likes U, Don't Think they R Fools to Believe U,They Hide Deir Feelgz Bcoz they Don't Like To Disapoint U.

 Lucky means who get the Opportunity
Brilliant means who create the opportunity
Winner means who use the opportunity
Be a Winner ALWAYS...

"Life" is a One Way Road.
U can See Back.
But, U can't go Back.
So don't Miss Anything.

"Enjoy Each & Every moment of Life..!"
gm. hv a gr8 day.

A Contradictory Way-Dictionary Says That 'Open' And 'Close' Are Antonym..
BUTLessons Of Life Teach That WE Are 'Open' Only With Those With Whom WE R Close.

If U Are Beautifull, That's A Gift From ur Parents..
If U Make ur Life Beautifull, That's A Gift For ur Parents.
Don't Forget It..
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